Need help getting your estimation work done?
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Our expert team of inhouse estimators can get the job done for you in 48 hours. It's easy, fast, and accurate, so you can be confident your bid is on time and correct.


How it works

1. Register

Registration is free!    Click here to register.

2. Enter job details and send job files

Enter the job details. Please tell us of any unusual information we should know to get the job done correctly for you in the comments field.

Send us your relevant job files in one of these formats:

  • a good quality roof sketch
  • an architect’s PDF file
  • a street address
  • an aerial image

3. Tell us what you need

Choose what output you need back from us:

  • a 3D CAD roof model that you can import into your Roof Wizard software
  • a detailed client proposal
  • a detailed report with cutting lists
  • all of the above

For a small set-up fee, we can use your own material definitions and company logo in your take-off reports.

View a Sample Report Here

4. Review and accept job quote

Each job is different. Therefore, you will see an instant online quote for each individual job you enter into the system, once you accept it by mouse click, we start our work, including quality control.

5. Pay and collect

Conveniently pay online via credit card before you collect your files.

You will receive a one-off welcome discount of $50 off on your first job.


Give our friendly team in Melbourne, Australia a call on +61 3 9878 5000.